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In an attempt to resolve this problem, Navy physicians were administering testosterone, a male hormone. This medical treatment, however, was not getting effective results on all patients, and Mr. Hubbard utilized the opportunity to not only help his fellow servicemen, but to test a theory he had developed in application.

“All I was trying to establish,” he wrote, “was whether or not the mind regulated the body or the body regulated the mind. Therefore, if on some of these patients hormones did not work and on some of them they did, there might be a mental reason. If those patients on whom it did not work had a severe mental block, then it was obvious that regardless of the amount of hormone or medical treatment the person received, he would not get well. If the mind were capable of putting this much restraint upon the physical body then obviously the fact that was commonly held to be true, that structure monitors function, would be false. I set out to prove this. . . . I was not interested in endocrinology but in resolving whether or not function monitored structure or structure monitored function.”

In case after case, he found that by utilizing techniques he had developed, previously unresponsive patients immediately improved with medical treatment once the mental blocks were removed.

In fact, function did monitor structure. As Ron noted at the time, “Thought is boss.”

This was a revolutionary concept, cutting across misconceptions which had plagued Eastern philosophy and science for centuries.
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