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Returning to Washington, DC, Ron compiled his sixteen years of investigation into the human condition, writing the manuscript “The Original Thesis” (today published under the title The Dynamics of Life), a paper outlining the principles he was using. He did not offer it for publication. He gave a copy or two to some friends, and they promptly duplicated it and sent it to their friends who, in turn, made copies and sent it to others. In this way, passed hand to hand, Dianetics on its own became known the world over. Word spread that he had made a revolutionary breakthrough. L. Ron Hubbard had found the source of human aberration and had developed a technique of the mind that worked. Dianetics was born.

The first published article on Dianetics, entitled “Terra Incognita: The Mind,” appeared in the Winter/Spring 1949­1950 issue of the Explorers Club Journal. Shortly thereafter, Ron found himself literally deluged with letters requesting more information on the application of his breakthroughs. Hoping to make his discoveries available to the broad public, and at the insistence of those working with him at the time, he offered his findings to the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association. The response was most enlightening. Not only did the healthcare establishment claim no interest in his work, they declined to even examine his results.
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