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In 1959, Mr. Hubbard and his family moved to England, where he purchased the Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Sussex. This was to be his home for the next seven years, and the worldwide headquarters of the Church of Scientology. There, in addition to his constant writing and lecturing, he began intensively training Scientologists from around the world so that they, in turn, might return to their homelands and teach others. The mid-1960s saw him develop a step-by-step route for anyone to reach states of higher awareness. He also codified administrative principles for the operation of Scientology churches – work which brought about the expansion of Scientology into a global network.

On September 1, 1966, with Scientology established as a worldwide religion, Mr. Hubbard resigned his position as Executive Director of the Church and stepped down from the boards of all Church corporations in order to fully devote himself to researches into the highest levels of spiritual awareness and ability. On the threshold of breakthroughs that had never before been envisaged, he took to the sea, in part to continue his work in an undistracted environment.

On board ship for the next seven years, he again traveled extensively, while devoting his attention to ever-worsening problems facing society through the late 1960s and early 1970s. Of special note from this period is the drug rehabilitation program he developed, recognized today by government studies around the world as the most effective in existence. It was also during this period that he developed the highest levels of Scientology, refinements of application, new administrative principles, and advances in the field of logic – all of which are explained later in this site.

Returning to shore in 1975, Mr. Hubbard continued his travels – first from Florida to Washington, DC and Los Angeles before finally settling in the southern California desert community of La Quinta near Palm Springs, his home until 1979. There, searching for new ways to make Dianetics and Scientology more easily accessible, he wrote dozens of training films on the subjects to visually demonstrate proper application of technical principles. He directed many of these films himself.
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